OnlyFans Model Accused Of ‘Pedo Baiting’ For Editing Her Explicit Photos To Make Herself Look Underage

A successful adult content creator has been slammed for “pedo baiting” after it was revealed that she uses photo editing to make herself look like an adolescent girl in her explicit images. TikTok influencer Bekah Day was the first to post about an Instagrammer who goes by the handle @coconutkitty143, revealing that she discovered the “young teen” was actually a woman in her late 20s or even 30s who was purposely trying to look like a child.

Diana Deets is the woman behind Coconut Kitty. As Day points out, Deets has been heavily editing the photos as part of a trend known as “age regression” whereby adult content creators take suggestive or explicit photos as their normal selves, only to then filter their faces to the point that they’re not only no longer recognizable as the original woman but actually look like little girls.

As you can imagine, this is a problem. As Day points out, promoting adult content while purposely presenting yourself as an underage girl is akin to “pedo-baiting,” as it’s specifically catered to men who seek out and are sexually attracted to underage girls. While yes, the original creator may indeed be a consenting adult, the implications this has is extremely problematic. Vox went so far as to point out that Deets is a perfect example of TikTok’s “catfish problem.”

Deets wasn’t even aware of Day’s video for a while. However, her ex-husband eventually alerted her to the clip, claiming “these people are saying bad things about you.” As Deets told Vice via phone, “I didn’t even watch it and just told him to ignore it.” As she pointed out, this isn’t the first time she’s faced such allegations and she now has a “thick skin” and doesn’t pay much attention to her critics. I guess money talks!

Deets says that claims she’s trying to appeal to pedophiles are hurtful and untrue. As she explained, “It’s the worst thing to be accused of and is the opposite of who I am and the purpose I see for myself.” She stringently denies trying to attract men who are attracted to underage girls.

She claims it’s all just for fun. Deets describes Coconut Kitty to be a fictitious creation and says she’s never tried to trick anyone into thinking she’s real. This is because she’s an artist and wanted to be recognized outside of her OnlyFans and Instagram accounts. “I am an artist. I’ve painted for years and got sick of people recognizing me from my sex work. So I decided to create a character based on Japanese anime, or Disney cartoons like Ariel or Princess Jasmine,” she said. I suppose the glaring difference here is that Disney princesses don’t pose half-naked online for money. However, she says she’s not doing anything different than any other influencers who edit their pics.

Sadly, this is what the market is looking for. As cosplayer and adult content creator Catjira explained, while she doesn’t like the idea of trying to make yourself look younger, she totally gets why people are doing it: men want it. ” I started camming when I was like 22 and at the time I looked a lot younger. [As I aged] a lot of men left me for the next youngest model they could find,” she said. “It’s a cycle. I’m getting older now and that particular audience has no interest in me anymore because I look my age.”

So how old is Deets anyway? She refuses to say. She also refuses to admit that pedophiles are likely viewing her work in droves, saying instead that she’s not sure if they are and doesn’t like to use the word to describe the people paying her for content. “I’d rather not categorize someone or label them – that’s a big accusation. No one has ever said anything to me that suggests they think I’m underage,” she said. She added that if she was ever approached by a man who believed she was a child, she would “100 percent report them.”

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