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How Nigeria can eliminate terrorism and banditry permanently

Hello friends, welcome once again to my little corner of the World Wide Web. Today, I will be sharing with you how Nigeria can adopt How Sri Lanka ended terrorism by isolating the media and the UN before killing all terrorists and bandits.

As a Nigeria who is concerned with the insecurity challenges faced by our dear country, that has not speared any part or region and has claimed the lives and properties of people, I have to regurgitate about how Nigeria can solve the problem of insecurity, with minimal effort and resources available to the country and found out that the “Sri Lanka Option” is the best option that can be applied to solve the problem of insecurity in Nigeria as fast as possible.

So what is the “Sri Lanka Option” and how can it solve Nigeria Insecurity problem?


Nigeria as a country is basically divided into Six (6) Geo-Political zones, namely; North East, North West, North Central, South East, South West and South South respectively. All these mentioned zones are currently being faced with a particular security challenge that has led to the loss of lives and properties.

Nigeria Security Challenges By Geo-Political Zone

The North East

In the past, the North East zone which is regarded as the sanctuary of insurgency and terrorism is facing attacks from Boko Haram insurgents in collaboration with the Islamic in West Africa and Provinces (ISWAP) groups, who are equipped with sophisticated weapons that can face the Nigerian Army in combat. These groups of terrorists have caused havoc in the North East, most especially Borno and Yobe States respectively. They have attacked marketplaces, higher institutions, government facilities, settlements and kidnapped people.

The North West

The North West Geo-Political Zone is also being bombarded by bandit attacks. These bandits have kidnapped, kill and destroyed properties of people. They have been able to create terror in the mind of people in the zone and attacked several schools, settlements and government facilities. Not only are these, the zone also fighting terrorism from Boko Haram insurgents.

The North Central

This zone is not spared as well from kidnappers, and killer herdsmen that invade farmlands and destroy plants and crops that are the sustenance of the people in the zone. These kidnappers have abducted scores of people, kill them, extort money from their families or the government, molest and rape their victims. The Zone has also been infiltrated by the Boko Haram insurgents.

The South East

This zone was the most peaceful zone until recent, when people the media refers to as ‘Unknown Gunmen’ began to attack police formations and military posts, killing policemen, freeing prisoners, and stealing police weapons after attacks. Just a few days ago, they attacked the home of the Governor of Imo State by burning done his house and destroying properties worth millions of Naira. This region is the home to another proscribed terrorist organization named as IPOB who are regarded as the mastermind behind the attacks on government facilities in the Zone.

The South West

This zone was also very peaceful until the advent of killer herdsmen, ritualist and Yahoo Yahoo boys. The killer herdsmen have in the past reign havoc on farmlands, destroyed local settlement, rape women and kill men. Same as the ritualist and the Yahoo Yahoo boys who are internet fraudsters that dupe people of their hard earn money.

The South South

The major problem of this zone is the Militant groups that are demanding for the rights of the oil producing communities. At first, they were peaceful, but they later metamorphosed into attacking public institutions and facilities.

The Sri Lanka Option

With the ban on media, human rights groups, UN, killing of terrorists and leaving no witnesses, Sri Lanka was able to end a 3 decades long act of terrorism in 2012, which since then no record of any act of terrorism has been recorded. In fact the government and military around the world, most especially countries that are faced by the act of terrorism are under-studying the Sri Lanka Option of combating terrorism. The country is the only country in the world that has successfully ended terrorism in this modern age.

Applying The Sri Lankan Option To Nigeria Security Challenges

Sri Lanka is 65,610 Km in land mass with 21 million population. This population can be easily control with effective government policy unlike Nigeria which is presently at 220 million populations and divided along tribal and religious affiliations. So how do we achieve our own ‘Sri Lanka Option’?

In Nigeria, there are very prominent state actors who believe that a fight against Boko Haram is a fight against the North, a fight against IPOB is a fight against the East, a fight against the killer herdsmen is a fight against the Fulani dynasty and so on. These actors need to be fish out and place under security watch; they must be sanctioned or eliminated. All terrorist must be eliminated, no rehabilitation.

Terrorists thrive on media and propaganda; they are abundantly and gracefully been supplied with the two in Nigeria. The government seems helpless in decisively dealing with those behind it. Until the current government realize the dire consequences and know that you cannot treat cancer with paracetamol, we will not make headway. The media and propagandists are to be isolated as well.

I sometimes wonder why Twitter, Facebook and all the others are allowed to fuel all the lies and propaganda of the terrorist and secessionist; will the World end if they are strictly regulated? It is time to declare a security emergency and block their access.

In Conclusion

To contemplate these options, we need more than diplomacy to handle these, we need grip fists, we need the soul and energy, we need the minds who are not thinking about the Dollars and Naira they will lose, but the souls they will save and now, we have to save this country together.

What is your opinion on this?

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