Florida Woman Arrested For Smacking Female Partner In Face With Sex Toy

A Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly assaulted her female domestic partner with a dildo. Annette Kielhurn, 57, is said to have used the sex toy against Gamze Capaner-Ridley during an argument at their home in St. Petersburg, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office says. Now, Kielhurn is facing domestic battery charges.

The incident happened in police presence. A police officer visited the residence to oversee Capaner-Ridley’s removal of her belongings from the house the day after she filed a civil domestic violence injunction against Kielhurn. While you would think Kielhurn would have been on her best behavior in front of a police officer, that wasn’t the case.

The women began fighting over a dress. Officer Eric Blomgren told Kielhurn not to touch the other woman as they fought over a dress Capaner-Radley was attempting to pack and remove from the property. However, that’s when things escalated.

Kielhurn deliberately hit Capaner-Radley with the dildo. According to Blomgren’s report, “Shortly afterward, the defendant intentionally shoved a ‘dildo’ in the victim’s face and grabbed her right arm while arguing who [the dress] belonged to.” Uh oh!

Kielhurn was arrested and booked into jail. She faces misdemeanor battery charges but was released from custody after posting $500 bond. She’s a former New York State corrections officer but previously served three years in prison for narcotics trafficking after being caught in 1996 with 25 kilos of cocaine in the trunk of her car. In other words, she’s no stranger to the law.

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