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30 Cheap Spring Bags That Look So Expensive

It’s happened—I have that itch that one gets in February when it’s too cold to move and all you want to do is buy pretty things to wear when it’s warm. You know the feeling, and that’s probably why you decided to read this story. I love to buy spring bags, in particular, because unlike a dress or swimsuit, I can start to use them while it’s still freezing. 

Designer bags are certainly lovely, but you really don’t need one to look chic this spring. There are plenty of affordable bags that no one will be able to guess the price of. The key is to shop for ones that have simple hardware (or none at all) or ones that are made of vegan leather or fabric that makes it hard to guess how much it cost.

You probably know where this is going, but three of the places I love to shop for affordable spring bags are Zara, Nordstrom, and Amazon. They have wide selections and both basic, everyday options and fun, playful ones. There are already plenty of bags to choose from for spring so I combed through and selected only the most stylish and expensive-looking ones. You know what to do.

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