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5 Easy and Sophisticated Outfit Ideas With Blazers

There’s one styling trick that fashion people have been relying on again recently. Yep, I’m talking about the sweater-around-your-shoulders silhouette. Furthermore, while a knit can be added to a range of top-notch winter looks, there’s actually one specific outfit formula that the style set is opting for now. After scrolling through IG, it became apparent that the idea of going for a blazer, jeans or leggings, and a sweater around your shoulders is where it’s at.

While I’ve spotted a few key fashion people opting for this layered look, I’m pretty positive we’re going to be seeing even more people testing it out (myself included) over the next few months given its easy-to-style nature. For the most part, the ensemble is chic and simple given that it’s primarily comprised of the basics we all know and love. To highlight this outfit idea further, I rounded up inspired looks below, complete with shopping picks.

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