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3 Cozy Loungewear Items You’ll Want to Live in

When we’re looking for expert style advice and fresh shopping inspiration to consider for the season, we routinely turn to Shopbop’s fashion director Caroline Maguire. After all, her sartorial point of view is always highly intriguing given that it’s her literal job to guide fashion direction for one of our go-to retailers. On that note, Shopbop actually recently launched a new activewear and cozy edit called Shopbop Moves. Given that we’re spending more time at home, we thought there could be interest in uncovering the comfortable and active pieces she’s personally gravitating towards.

Essentially, there are three general loungewear items Maguire believes could be worth considering because they’re equal parts comfortable and chic. They’re also highly versatile and could be mixed and matched with other items to create top-notch looks. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to check out the pieces Maguire is all about, complete with a range of inspired picks sprinkled throughout as well.

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