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How to Re-Create Christian Serratos’s Beauty Cover Look

“For this look, I pulled inspiration from the clothes and the hair,” notes Kristina. “The fashion is big, the hair is big, and with the makeup, I wanted to take a back-seat approach that was still really beautiful. A rosy face and glossy eye seemed like the perfect companion. Frozen berry? Romantic glass? I’m bad at coming up with catchy names,” she laughs.

Regardless, every artist will tell you skin prep is the number one priority when it comes to setting a supple, amply hydrated stage for the powders, liquids, and creams that inevitably follow. “I love a fully moisturized face before makeup application,” Kristina confirms. “A recent obsession has been Allies of Skin’s Vitamin C Perfecting Serum ($118). It gives a beautiful, natural finish that gently renews the complexion.”

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