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5 Risky Fashion Trends That Are on the Rise for 2021

Whenever designers send a particularly inventive, out-there look down the runway, they are fully aware that it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. Adventurous dressers will eat up all of the amazing trends from the S/S 21 collections, but they certainly won’t be for everyone. 

Below, I’ve rounded up five daring 2021 trends that risk-averse dressers will be avoiding—and what to replace them with. Take, for instance, the controversial denim trend du jour: ultra-baggy jeans. Katie Holmes recently threw her hat into the ring and wore drop-crotch versions (and our readers had some feelings). If you’re loving it, go for it, but if you prefer subtler trend, I’ve got you covered in this story too. 

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