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24 Pairs of Wide-Leg Pants to Wear Instead of Jeans

I’ve always been drawn to wide-leg pants not only because they’re comfortable, but being a modest dresser, I preferred clothing items that had a more relaxed fit. I also can’t fail to mention that I grew up loving ’90s style, so I just think they looked (and felt) cooler. Even in high school when skinny jeans were all the rage, I scoured through thrift stores and the mall for pants that fit wide on the leg and would have my mom take in the waist. They’re the backbone of my wardrobe, and while I love jeans for specific outfits, I haven’t relied on them as heavily as I’ve been relying on more relaxed pants, because in my honest opinion, I think the latter is easier to style and look more elevated, too. 

Below, I’ve rounded up four wide-leg and high-waisted styles I love along with how I’ve been wearing them recently and shoppable options if you want to join in on the fun, too. From patterned to leather pairs, I won’t be straying away from these anytime soon when it comes to my day-to-day ensembles. 

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